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manzanillo-downtownManzanillo is getting a spectacular cable car to trigger tourism to the donwtown area and Manzanillo in general.

City Council approved the construction of a spectacular cable car in the downtown area which will attract tourism. It will be the only one of its kind in the country’s ports.

The project, including gondolas, towers, cables and equipment, is already prepared. It is supported and promoted by the Sanchez Ochoa family and the investment amount exceeds 200 million pesos. The full project is ready to be installed and is waiting for the final permits to be archived.

The cable car will be a unique experience and will give you the opportunity to admire the scenery from a high point above downtown Manzanillo. The starting point will be from the Pez Vela monument up to Cerro de la Cruz, to the Sales beach and back to the starting point.

The Mexican climber, Carlos Carsolio, who has climbed the highest peaks in the world, told interviewers: “The admire the scenery from the top of the mountains I change the vision and perspective of things, changed my life.”

There are only three cable car lifts in Mexico that are being used for tourism but none in a beach resort. The odea to build one in Manzanillo to let tourism pendle between the historic down town center to the top of the hill to the cross, exist already for years. It will provide Manzanillo with an exceptional attraction which will make Manzanillo different from other tourist destinations.

It will give a boost to the local and regional economy and upgrading the the historic center will provide opportunity enough for tourist to spend more time in Manzanillo. The cable car will be a attraction for cruise ships as well. The Swiss company Rowena will be overseeing the project.