Manzanillo beaches one of the cleanest in Mexico

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DSC_6223The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources  in Colima, said that according to the statistical results on water quality at beaches around the country, Manzanillo ranks third as clean beaches.

This means a lot because tourists who want to visit the beach destination to enjoy the nature, are looking for healthy, clean water with good quality. This will attract more visitors in the coming holiday season.

International guidelines have been established to guide tourists and inform them on water quality for recreational use and its relationship to health.

Following the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, sampling and analysis of water in each of the 17 coastal states of Mexico are done on a regular basis.

Whenever the protection and conservation of beaches requires the participation of all sectors, the public is invited to report any anomaly on the website of SEMARNAT and COFEPRIS, or directly contact the Committees on Beaches established in tourist destinations.

Info from Correo De Manzanillo