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We massage your home decorating headache away

You’ve had a long day of relaxing under the heat of the Mexican sun, and what better way to cool off than to take a stroll along the warm endless beach in your backyard. Upon your return, you track your sand covered feet through your Manzanillo beach house (oops), but a little sand is no problem considering the leaps and bounds you took to be the proud property owner of this beautiful home. As you sweep the sand away, you can’t help but notice that the house could use some… updating. Maybe a new style to suit your own taste better, or even a slight renovation to really give your own flare to your dream home.


Having just touched ground in Manzanillo, or even in all Mexico, it can be daunting to begin on level one. Where do you start? Who can look after the work being done to your dream home when you unfortunately have to leave Mexico to go home to Canada or the USA? Where could you possibly find the right shops to find furniture, home decor, and everything else that your heart might desire?

We at Realty Executives – Mexican Bay can take these projects under our wing, We effectively massage your headache away by making sure that when you return to your glorious new Mexican home, it’ll be ready, waiting, and willing to dazzle you. We know which strings to pull to get you a skillful craftsmen, the purest paint colours, and the most fitting quality furniture to give you the perfect interior decorating design.

Be honest, how tempting is it to be one of the only people on Earth to go through a stressless renovation and/or home decorating?

We can make this your reality! Just ask us how…