Colima, number 2 of most stable Mexican states

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colimaAccording to the State Competitiveness Index 2014, which is compiled by IMCO (Mexican Institute for Competitiveness) the state of Colima ranks number 2 as the state with the most stable economy in Mexico.

ICMO says that because of the stable economy it attracts more investors which in its turn attracts more workers. This ads to the growth Colima is going through as the second federal entity with the highest rating in the subscript ‘stable economy’.

On the maturity of debt, Colima came in second which is on average higher then other entities but the political system is rated stable, functional and efficient.

In the state Competitiveness Index 2014 Colima is among the top seven. The index measures the ability of the states to attract and retain talent and investment.

“A competitive state is one that consistently attractive to talent and investment, which translates into higher productivity and prosperity for its people,” IMCO says.

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