Can I get an Home Insurance in Mexico?

Yes, you can.

house-on-fireOne of the most valuable tips an insurance company can give you is to go around your house and make photos of all your valuables. Combine them into a little album and save them in a safe place. If need-to-be, you can show police and your insurance company your damaged or lost valuables.

Another tip to make sure you have the list of valuables complete it to write down the serial numbers and keep receipts of all valuables. This can be very helpful and will be proof of purchase and value.

There are several companies that can help you insure you property and possessions for damage, break-ins, fire, etc.


Claim Telephone Numbers

AIG   01-800-001-1300

HDI Seguros    01-800-470-9900

Royal Sun Alliance (RSA)    01-800-723-7900


Tio Corp Insurancelogo-tiocorp is a trusted provider of insurance for snowbirds and expatriates in Mexico.

Visit their website or give them a call for more information:
+52 (376) 766-4828
USA & Canada (toll free) 1-888-712-7023.