A new criminal justice system for Colima

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colima-justiceA part of the New Criminal Justice System, will be in effect in the municipalities of Colima and Villa de Alvarez as stated in the Declaration of Incorporation del Estado of Colima.

The government of Colima gave permission to the constitutional reform of June 18, 2008; which was announced by Rigoberto Suarez Bravo, executive secretary of the Commission for the Implementation of the Reform Criminal Justice System in the State of Colima.

He said that according to the agreement, the municipalities of Cuauhtémoc, Comala, Coquimatlán and Minatitlan, which also form part of the First Judicial Party, it will be integrated on 1 April 2015; Armory, Ixtlahuacán and Tecomán, which form the Second Judicial District will join as of August 12, 2015 and Manzanillo, representing the Third Judicial District will do the same on the 5th of that same year.

He said that the new system will be implemented in state of Colima within a year before the deadline set in the Constitution, which is June 18, 2016, is met.

He explained that there will be more respect for human rights, since one of the fundamental premises of this New Criminal Justice System is that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise, which will avoid detention during the process.

Trials will now be oral and for the public, and always will be conducted in the presence of a judge and a Deputy Public assistant representing the victim and a Public Defender representing the accused, if he so requires. This will provide more certainty of equality and justice for the parties and above all, make judgments faster and transparent.

Personnel who will operate the new Criminal Justice System, for example: police officers, custodians, experts, prosecutors and judges, will be trained intensively and have to be prepared to meet the expectations of justice of citizenship.

The police in the state Colima will  through training and implementation of the adversarial adversarial criminal justice system, have the knowledge of new techniques that enable them to secure the scene where the crime occurred; Judges will have insight int the stage of the criminal process that may resolve the dispute hearings linkage, intermediate, trial and execution of sentences; public defenders will be trained in oral litigation techniques; now the Public Ministry agents will be proficient in formulating the complaint, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, oral litigation techniques, as well as participation in granting benefits to those convicted, which will be elements that allow you to have a broad knowledge for integrating research.

He concluded that with all the investment in infrastructure, equipment and training to government officials, the implementation in Colima’s New Criminal Justice System will be successful and Colima citizens will certainly observe significant changes in the system of enforcement and administration of justice in the state.

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